Zion National Park

Just a short drive away from Clarion Inn and Suites is Zion National Park, one of the most beautiful gems of Utah. This incredible national park has many beautiful sights, endless exciting activities, reasonable entrance fees, and is easily accessible from the hotel. Visitors will love all that Zion National Park has to offer.

Beautiful Sights
The most incredible, unique things about Zion National Park are its many beautiful sights. From rock formations to sweeping, panoramic views, every moment spent in Zion will be an aesthetic treat.

Geological Formations
The most striking part of the Zion National Park landscape is the gorgeous red rock. These amazing geological formations have been created over millions of years. Throughout the park, canyons, cliffs, hoodoos, and more are sprawled across the wide-open space. Guests will never forget the incredible geological formations across Zion.

Plant Life
Throughout the seasons in Zion National Park, the native plant life changes drastically. In spring, trees and other plants experience a period of fast growth, covering the land in gorgeous, bright hues. During summer, these plants thrive and grow to support the native wildlife. In fall, the foliage begins to change to incredible hues of reds, oranges, and yellows. These amazing plant cycles turn Zion into a completely different world every few months.

Scenic Views
Across Zion, there are many scenic overlooks and viewpoints to enjoy the gorgeous landscape. For guests who would like to see the most beautiful parts of Zion, accessing these viewpoints is the best way to do it. Many scenic overlooks and viewpoints are accessible by vehicle, so even those who can’t hike long distances can enjoy the amazing sights of this popular national park.

Exciting Activities
Each year, millions of people from around the world head to Zion National Park to participate in exciting outdoor activities. Guests spend their days in Zion hiking, biking, and enjoying the wildlife. Every day in Zion will be full of unforgettable adventures.

The most popular activity in Zion National Park is hiking. There are many trails throughout the park that lead hikers on daring, beautiful, and exciting expeditions. Popular hikes like Angels Landing and Zion Narrows will test hiker’s endurance, strength, and bravery. Easier hikes like Emerald Pools and The Watchman Trail will give hikers of every fitness level an incredible and fun experience.

Zion National Park is one of the few popular national parks that allow biking within park limits. Pa’rus Trail is a large stretch of paved trail that is open to bicyclists. Roadways are also accessible to bicyclists. Outside of the park, Gooseberry Mesa Trail, J.E.M. Trail, and many others provide exciting opportunities for bicyclists to enjoy biking near one of America’s most beautiful parks.

Wildlife Exploration
Many interesting mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds call Zion National Park home. Guests who love to familiarize themselves with local animals will find an incredible range of wildlife to observe. The park asks that guests keep a safe distance from wildlife and avoid interacting with wild creatures by feeding or capturing them.

Park Rates
The park rates for Zion National Park vary from guest to guest. All rates listed below are weekly, meaning that a one-time payment will give guests access to the park for seven days. Admission fees include access to Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon. A weekly pass can be upgraded to an annual pass at any time during the week the pass is valid.

Private Vehicle
Any non-commercial vehicle with 15 or fewer passengers is considered a private vehicle. Private vehicles can gain a week of access for a $35 fee.

Any non-commercial motorcycle and passenger are covered under the motorcycle fee. Motorcycles can access the park for one week for a fee of $25.

Per Person
Bicyclists, hikers, pedestrians, or any other visitor without a vehicle can pay a per person fee for weekly entry to the park. This fee is $15 per person. Children 15 and under are free.

Non-Commercial Organized Groups
Organized groups follow the same fee schedule, with vehicles of 15 passengers or less costing $30 for weekly access. Vehicles with 16 or more passengers will be issued a $15 per person fee for weekly access.

Visit Zion National Park from Clarion Inn and Suites
One of the many perks of staying at Clarion Inn and Suites is its proximity to Zion National Park. Guests can drive to the Zion area and utilize the shuttle system that drives into the heart of the park, taking various stops at popular park landmarks. Going on a journey to Zion National Park while staying at Clarion Inn and Suites in Hurricane, Utah will be the highlight of every visitor’s trip.